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About the Course

Extensive course to learn V2.x Standard

Around 45 hours of training program including 35 hours of recorded lectures and 5 assessments. It is a self paced course with tutor assistance. But the important factor is that the course teaches V2.x in depth and upfront through recorded lectures. It prepares fully for V2.8 certification exam.

Become V2.x Expert

Learn HL7 V2 standard practically & prepare for certification

HL7 V2.x is the oldest and most used standard for building healthcare interfaces. Most of the EMR/EHR’s uses HL7 V2 interfaces to exchange data between various systems.

Roughly 70-80% interfaces are built using HL7 V2.x standard only. Major EMR vendors support exchange of data using V2 messaging. There is whole industry of integration engines using V2.x messages for interoperability.

It is still most relevant standard used by industry. HL7 V2 knowledge is very relevant for many healthcare interoperability jobs. Learn and get certified in HL7 V2.x standard.

This course helps you immensely to get yourself strong in V2 standard.

  • The training covers all the concepts of HL7 V2.8 standard.
  • It prepares you for V2.8 certification as it includes complete sections of certification course.
  • Training involves various subjective assignments to ensure your practical learning.
  • Learn reading and writing any V2.x messages

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • A message from the instructor

    • How to use this course?

    • Before we begin...

    • Course Schedule & Setup

    • Detailed Course Outline

    • Course Rules

  • 2

    Session 1: HL7 Overview

    • Presentation

    • Reading Material

    • Session 1 Quiz

  • 3

    Session 2: HL7 V2.X Messaging Concept

    • Learning the core concepts of V2.x Messaging

    • Presentation

    • Reading Material

    • Assignment 1 : Finding correct Trigger Events

  • 4

    Session 3: Introduction To Hl7 Version 2.X Data Types And Their Use

    • learning & using data types for writing field/component data

    • Presentation

    • Reading Material

    • Assignment 2 : Parsing Messages

    • Assignment 3 : Creating V2.x Messages

  • 5

    Session 4: Conformance/ Message Profile

    • Learning how to create V2 Message Profile

    • Presentation

    • Reading Material

    • Assignment 4 : Validating Message against Profile

  • 6

    Session 5: Z-Elements/Local Elements

    • Creating Z elements- Message & segment

    • Reading Material

  • 7

    Session 6: Special HL7 Protocols

    • HL7 Protocols- sequence Number, Batch, Continuation segments, repeating fields rules

    • Reading Material

  • 8

    Session 7: Message Control Segments

    •  Overview of message control segments

    • Reading Material

  • 9

    Session 8: Overview of Orders, Results, Documents, Scheduling, Financial Messages

    • Learning most important V2 message

    • Reading Material

  • 10

    Session 9: Overview of Integration Engines- Mirth Connect

    • Bonus session on Mirth connect & learning how integration engines are used to exchange V2 messages

    • Reading Material

  • 11

    Session 10: V2.8 Certification Process

    • Understanding certification enrollment and preparation process

Pre-requisite & Target Audience


  • No prerequisites 

Target Audience

  • All staff who wants to be proficient in HL7 V2.x standard. 
  • All roles including engineers, Business analysts, and system designers, domain experts, functional sme can learn HL7 V2.x 
  • College/university students can also learn HL7 V2.x standard. This will not just make them more proficient in subject but prepares better for future career.

What you will learn?

By the end of the course, participants will learn the following

  • Proficient knowledge

    Thorough understanding of HL7 V2.x standard.

  • Mastering Messages

    Learning Message concepts in depth, reading and writing messages.

  • Understanding key messages

    Overview of orders, results, documents, scheduling and financial messages.

  • Z elements

    learning how to meet local requirements.

  • Conformance/ Message Specification

    learning Static definitions, constraining standard to create message profiles.

  • Certification preparation

    learn certification concepts and better prepare for V2.8 control specialist exam.

Salient Features

What you can expect from the Course?

  • Training includes all the concepts of HL7 V2.x standard and suits anyone having even zero knowledge about HL7 standard

  • Complete and comprehensive study material

  • Training is done through live and recorded sessions teaching all concepts in depth + self-reading through course reading material + Quizzes + Subjective assignments

  • Online support even after completion of training. Participants can mail their queries to related to training or general FHIR issues

  • One stop training solution for learning V2 standard practically and certification

  • Full length Online mock test to test your preparation for actual certification exam

Online course set up

How course will be done in online mode?

Online platform for conducting course
  • The course content will be hosted on an online E-Learning platform.
  • Course platform will host all reading material, quizzes, allow students to submit subjective assignment and ask any question/doubts.  
Recorded lectures
  • Self paced program offers all lectures as pre recorded webinars
  • These recorded lectures covers all concepts in depth
  • This format is best suited for individuals as they can go over lectures as per their convenience and can complete the course at their own pace
Duration and structure
  • The course is around 50 hours or 7 days when compared to an in-person classroom training.
  • To make it effective, course is divided into 8 chapters. 
  • Each chapter consists of pre recorded lectures, reading material in form of pdf and assessments. 
  • Ideally, participant should be able to finish the course in 4-6 weeks of time once enrolled (keeping the fact in mind that you will be able to invest 6-8 hours per week). 
Assessments (Quizzes & Subjective Assignments)
  • There will be assignments for most of the sessions. 
  • Each assignment will be reviewed and graded manually
  • If assignment is rejected, then participant will be able to re work on it based on tutor's feedback
  • This cycle of reviewing-reworking-grading ensures that participant learn the concept properly.
  • Some of the assessments are in quiz form. Participant get score and detailed feedback upon submission of the quiz. 
Course completion Certificate
  • Eligible participants will be awarded course completion certificate
  • Criteria for course completion- participant must score average 60% marks in the course. 
Mock Test
  • Post Course completion, participant can appear for full mock test exam
  • This mock test is a simulation of the real exam
  • It has same number of questions, pattern, difficulty level, duration, even look and feel
  • It gives you clear idea how well you are prepared for the real V2.8 control specialist exam.


Your FHIR Tutor

HL7 SME & Trainer

Aditya Joshi

Aditya Joshi is Senior tutor at HL7.org elearning courses. He is chair, Education committee at HL7 India and Member, Education Advisory council at HL7 International. He is HL7 V2.x & FHIR certified. He has conducted several classroom and online training programs in HL7 standards including V2, V3, CDA and FHIR. Trained more than 1500+ participants across globe in last 8 years. He has 12 years of experience in various healthcare and HL7 projects. He has in depth knowledge of all HL7 standards. He has hands on project experience in using all HL7 standards (V2, V3, CDA, CCDA, FHIR).


  • 1. Can you please indicate what time the training sessions will be conducted?

    This is self paced training program. Lectures are already uploaded in form of recorded webinars. There will be live & interactive Q-A sessions, timings and joining instructions for them will be provided inside the course.

  • 2. How long will the online platform be accessible? Is it only during training period or after that also?

    You will be able to access the online course platform for 6 months from the enrollment date. Generally, it would need max 1-2 months to complete the course but platform will be accessible for much longer duration to support your preparation for exam.

  • 3. Will the reading material downloadable?

    PDF reading material would be downloadable.

  • 4. How to enroll and pay?

    Please mail to support@curizent.com if you are interested to enroll in the course. We will guide you on fees, payment methods and enrollment process.

  • 5. Does course prepare for the HL7 International V2.8 Control Specialist Exam?

    Course covers entire certification material and prepares completely for the international certificate exam. With the help of mock test, you can be sure about your preparation before attempting real exam.

  • 6. Will there be any certificate provided to participants?

    Yes, you will be awarded “HL7 V2.x Advance Certification Training Program” course completion certificate from Curizent Pvt Ltd (OPC). Each participant must score 60% average marks through all subjective & objective exams.

  • 7. Will there be any coding/programming assignments in course?

    No. V2.x is a text message and we will focus on functional part to learn how to read and write messages simply in text editor. It is up to the implementer to choose their own programming languages to implement FHIR.